About the product:

All our products are designed and printed in Austria, Europe.

We use 160 gram matte finish paper.

We do digital printing.


What questions are in the questionnaire?

You can download the questionnaire here.


How do you ship your product?

We ship all our products well-wrapped in poster rolls through DHL. All orders for postcards are shipped worldwide through Austrian Postal Service and their global partners 


What are the shipping costs? 

 Please find the shipping costs for your product during the checkout - choosing the final destination for the products.


What are the delivery times? 


We ship within 5 days after receiving the completed questionnaire (for personalized products). Delivery can be between 1 - 21 working days depending on the destination. If you want to have your delivery time specify please contact us with your question @ hello@bunto.eu


 What Icons are available to choose from?